Tek-Net services Cameras from many different manufacturers, and can address most problems that may affect your instrument. Whether you need a basic cleaning or a complete reconditioning, make sure Tek-Net is your first call.

Our technicians are specialists in aligning & calibrating your instrument. We have loaner Cameras available for your use. We do not charge for loaner use. All you are responsible for are the shipping costs.

 If you are comparing service companies, please make sure you understand what you are getting for your money. What one company calls a Preventive Maintenance another may call a reconditioning.

There are hundreds of models of Cameras from dozens of different manufacturers on the market. Please contact us to see if Tek-Net can help with your particular instrument.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Check front lens for scratches or mar in coating.
  • Check all electrical connections and assemblies.
  • Check Polaroid camera operation.
  • Check 35mm & video camera (if present).
  • Check mechanical operations.
  • Check flash & internal fixation.
  • Check carriage movement.
  • Have technician take photo to verify performance.
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