Chairs & Stands

Chairs & Stands come in every conceivable shape, size and color. Starting out as a basic foot pump hydrailic chair and stand, many of today’s units have electronics, motors and microporcessors in them. We at Tek-Net are as comfortable servicing a 50 year old chair as a 5 day old chair.

We offer a variety of services ranging from basic Preventive Maintenanceto complete overhaul, reupholstery & painting. We supply exchange chair bases for many units and have a full selection of loaner instrument arms as well complete chairs and stands for sale or loan.

Due to our history with Reichert, we specialize in the AO/Reichert/Leica/Cambridge Chairs and Stands. We purchased the entire remaining inventories for the Custom I, Custom II, Standard and Premier Chair & Stand lines.

Additionally, we stock many parts and accessories for Topcon and Marco chairs and stands as well as instruments offered by other manufacturers.

Exchange Chair Bases

  • AO Custom I
  • AO Custom I 1/2
  • AO & Reichert Custom II
  • Reichert Custom II 1 Bolt
  • Reichert Custom II 2 Bolt
  • Reichert 14360 Premier
  • Reichert 14361 Premier
  • Reichert 14362 Premier
  • Topcon OC-10
  • Topcon 1800

Chair And Stand Preventive Maintenance

Ophthalmic Chair

  • Check all operations, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical.
  • Make adjustments to arms, headrest, tilt and swivel locks.
  • Inspect base for hydraulic leakage.
  • Inspect upholstery for tears and rips.
  • Clean all surfaces.

Ophthalmic Stand

  • Check all operations, mechanical and electrical.
  • Make adjustments to Phoroptor, Keratometer & Slit Lamp arms or tables.
  •  Inspect Overhead lamp for broken joints and stops.
  • Careful attention paid to wiring and lamp shade rotation stops.
  • Check charging well operation, BIO & OH lamp dimmer functions.
  • Make sure safety screw is on Phoroptor arm.
  • Clean all surfaces.

Chair And Stand Reupholstery

The most noticable part of you chair is the upholstery your patients sit on. After time, the upholstery becomes discolored, cracked and eventually ripped. Tek-Net offers a program to supply you with freshly upholstered cushions in a wide variety of colors. We have an inventory of cushions for the chairs of most manufacturers, such as Reliance, Topcon, Marco, Reichert & AO. By supplying exchange cushions we eliminate any down time that you have. On those occasions where exchange upholstey is not available for your model chair, we can arrange expedited service, sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

Most cushions are very easy to remove. We will walk you through the steps needed to exchange the cushions on your chair. On some chairs, like the older Reliance Units, the upholstery is actually an integral part of the chair frame. In these cases, a service call is required to make the exchange. Contact us today & we can make your office look new again in no time.

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