Liquid Handlers

Tek-Net services a variety of Liquid Handlers from different manufacturers of the Wellpro and Propette – Cetus, Perkin Elmer, Olympus, LabSytems, ThermoLabsystems, and Wellpro.

If you have a Liquid handler not listed here let us know the Manufacturer, make and model and we will invest the time to get the service training and or service information.

We can repair almost anything at our customers request.

Cetus and Perkin Elmer Propette:

The Cetus/ Perkin Elmer Propette has electronic parts in the circuit boards that are now obsolete as well as the eject solenoids. There are no new replacement components available. However we have a small quantity of recycled boards that can usually repair any problems that you might have. If you are having problems with this unit it probably would be best to replace it.

Purchasing a new or replacement Wellpro:

Contact Scott Hovey or Russ Leeker at – Let them know that you heard about them from us.

Common problems with liquid handlers:

Tips falling off, tips not ejecting properly, liquid at different levels, problems with gravimetric calibration, plate to plate and serial dilution problems. These problems all involve the tips, nozzles, and seals.


1.) Lubricate the nozzles and seals with high vacuum grease. Wipe a small amount of grease on each nozzle and wipe most of it off leaving a thin layer. This should be done at least once a week depending on usage.

2.) Make sure that the tips snap on. Take a tip out of the box and manually snap it onto each nozzle. If they do not snap on firmly then replace the box of tips. If this still does not work then the nozzles are probably worn and should be replaced. You can also change the amount of force needed for tip on in the program files. These vary by vintage and manufacturer of Unit. Contact us for details.

3.) If not ejecting tips the eject solenoids or the circuit board that controls the solenoids might be burned out. On the main circuit board is a fuse that looks like a resistor(Light green or yellow). This is a 2 amp micro fuse

Sometimes the mechanical assembly for eject gets dirty and needs to  be cleaned and lubricated. Schedule a Preventive Maintenance.

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