Slit Lamps

Tek-Net services Slit Lamps from dozens of different manufacturers, and can address any problem that may affect your instrument. Whether you need a basic cleaning or a complete reconditioning, make sure Tek-Net is your first call.

Our technicians are specialists in aligning & calibrating your instrument. We have many loaner Slit Lamps available for your use. We do not charge for loaner use. All you are responsible for are the shipping costs.

If you are comparing service companies, please make sure you understand what you are getting for your money. What one company calls a Preventive Maintenance another may call a reconditioning.

The most common problem we encounter with Slit Lamps is the bulb not lighting is . This is ususally caused by corrosion building up on the contacts of the lamp socket (non halogen lamps). Many times this can be temporarily solved by cleaning the socket contacts with a fine sand paper or emory board. We recommend replacing the socket as soon as possible.

Tek-Net stocks sockets, bulbs and other parts for many different Slit Lamps

Preventive Maintenance

  • Check all operations, mechanical, electrical & optical.
  • Ensure that bearing tube/ rollers operate correctly.
  • Check & adjust elevation and swivel locks.
  • Check for collimation of stereo microscope body.
  • Check operation & collimation of mag changer.
  • Check condition of lamp socket & housing.
  • Check operation & condition of power supply and all wiring.
  • Check alignment of Applanation Tonometer.
  • Check table levelness.
  • Check Hruby lens.
  • Check & adjust slit & filter and aperture operations.
  • Clean all surfaces.
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